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Posted May 3, 2024 at 4:44 pm.

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How about we start making our own perfume bouquet? We offer a simple recipe to achieve this. Explanations.

If injecting style and personality into your interior requires a choice of furniture, color palette or lighting, you shouldn’t ignore the olfactory atmosphere either. Too strong a presence and all our efforts are lost.
So, in order to immerse our lair in sweet scents that resemble us, why not start creating your own fragrance bouquet? You know, this little bottle filled with perfume that disperses by capillary action along the stems. Whether you’re looking for spring, fruity or woody scents, it promises a constant scent all day and for several months. There is no need to guard the flame as with a candle or to multiply sprays with interior perfume. In short, safety and peace. So why not start making your own diffuser. According to Katie McGinn of the @urbantaproots Instagram account, it couldn’t be simpler.

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How to make a homemade perfume bouquet?

He reveals his recipe and tips for optimal results. For this you will need oil and essential oils. Watch out for these. Their use is not trivial and some can be dangerous if inhaled. So if you are not used to it, it is better to seek the advice of an expert. The same applies to HE “drivers”. She recommends almond oil here. A classic that shouldn’t be a problem and has a neutral scent. We will add a few drops of essential oils to this base. It all depends on their strength and our tolerance. So we’re going there step by step. For an idea, Katie McGinn recommends two drops to one teaspoon of carrier oil.
For a perfect result, we mix these two ingredients in a glass container before transferring everything to a small bottle, also made of glass. We choose a model with a neck that is not too wide so that all the smell does not escape at once.
All that remains is to insert the diffusion rods. But for an even more decorative effect, you can opt, as in the example, for dried poppy stems.

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