61 gigabytes of medical records have just been released on the dark web

On April 16, Simone-Veil Hospital experienced a brutal cyber attack. LockBit, a terrifying group of hackers, has taken patient and staff data hostage. True to their criminal methods, LockBit ordered the device to provide them with a cryptocurrency ransom with a deadline of May 1st. The hospital refused to give in to the blackmail and forced LockBit to dump this confidential information on the dark web.

The immediate impact of the attack

All non-urgent surgeries have been postponed and queues are forming at reception and appointment bookings are temporarily suspended. Management, visibly tested, announced a complete offline computer system. 350 servers and 1,500 workstations were paralyzed. A real blow to the operation of the hospital.

Situationhas improved compared to the beginning of the week and management stated that ” activity returned to an almost normal course This act of defiance by the establishment nevertheless had disastrous consequences: the compromise of sensitive data.

Leaked data they were obviously very confidential : various medical examinations, personal data of patients, internal hospital information, employee ID cards and pay slips, etc.

Strengthening security protocols and legal implications

A response is being organized in the face of this digital onslaught. A complaint has been filed, which alert the competent authorities, CNIL and ANSSI, to clarify this malicious breach. And” detailed feedback » of the events is expected to yield valuable lessons and specific recommendations to strengthen hospital safety.

However, concerns remain. It must be said that LockBit hardly inspires peace of mind. This group is known for attacking important targets: emergency services, administrative bodies (for example La Poste in 2022), large companies, SMEs, schools or universities. It has more than 2,000 attacks globally as of 2019making it the most formidable hacker group in the world.

This group is the scourge of global cyber security par excellence. Despite the huge wound he received Operation Cronos in February this year, LockBit proves that it is unfortunately still very much alive. The consequences for Simone Veil Hospital could be very serious, both financially and legally. Her reputation is also at stake and it is very likely that her data will be stolen be offered for sale on the dark web in the coming days or weeks.

  • On April 16, the Simone-Veil Hospital became the victim of a cyberattack by the LockBit group.
  • He refused to pay the ransom demanded by the group and confidential data from the establishment was exposed on the dark web.
  • The implications for the hospital can be very significant.

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