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Updated May 3, 2024 at 12:49 p.m.

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The outdoor evening season is in full swing, an opportunity to throw a beautiful garden party. And for inspiration, discover our 30 ideas that can easily be reproduced in the garden, from furniture to small decorations and organization.

Birthdays, weddings, celebrations of all kinds or simply to celebrate with loved ones, any excuse is good to enjoy outside on sunny days. So why not have a garden party? We will take the furniture out into the garden, install outdoor rugs and soft cushions on the floor, turn on the speakers and prepare delicious food. Let’s have a chic picnic or country dinner!

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What is a garden party?

This is the Anglo-Saxon term for a formal and elegant reception, organized in a park or garden around a gourmet buffet. Over time, it became a common expression to talk about festive events taking place outside.

How to organize a garden party?

To start, you need to plan a theme: bohemian, country, vintage, tavern… Then we think about different spaces. A corner for drinks, another for a buffet, a third for comfortable seating of your guests and the last one, which can be used as a games room. We do not hesitate to use what is around us to create a unique decor. Straw bales, trees, large leaves will be our best allies. And do not forget to install garden lamps to take care of your decoration and enjoy the long summer evenings.

How to organize a garden party on the cheap?

You don’t need to be close to a banking ban to throw a garden party worthy of the name. Far from those of the Elysée or Buckingham Palace, we choose 100% recycled decor. Pallets will be turned into benches, wooden crates into tables, and old tablecloths will be hung from trees for pretty bohemian decor. On the crockery side, we bring canning jars of all sizes that can be used as glasses as well as for receiving your crockery. Tin cans hold cutlery and old sinks easily turn into ice trays to keep your drinks cold.

For even more inspiration, here are 30 perfect ideas for a great garden party.

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