Why does Windows 10 continue to gain market share over Windows 11?

Microsoft has a reason to be sad… Windows 11’s market share is still not falling. And it’s even worse: those of Windows 10 continue to progress! According to the latest data from FrAndroid’s StatCounter, Windows 10 has once again surpassed 70% of the circulating PC market share. Too bad when there is more and more talk of a new major version of Windows… the still very elusive Windows 12.

In contrast, Windows 11 seems to be stumbling. As of February 2024, its market share was 28.16%, compared to over 25% last month. Microsoft has little reason to appreciate a phenomenon that reveals conflicting behavior among PC users. Windows 11 is installed on virtually all commercially available computers. However, older machines may encounter problems when upgrading.

Windows 10 breaks the 70% mark for PCs: here’s the explanation

The operating system requires, among other things, a TPM 2.0 security chip, which serves as a cornerstone for encryption and security of system components. All machines around ten years old, even ones that are still quite fast, don’t have them. Although it is possible to add this capability through various means, not all users are willing to go that extra step just to install a slightly better OS.

Apart from that, Windows 11 can be criticized several times. Some features have disappeared in the process: Timeline, Live Tiles… There is a new design that does not always please everyone. And despite this new version, Windows 11 retains a number of older interfaces that are still necessary to change certain settings. That’s a shame, because despite the new, cleaner Control Center, the persistence of these interfaces actually adds more confusion to Windows 11’s ergonomics.

The point is that we are talking about a paid operating system, and despite all this, Microsoft still allows its users to see ads for its applications and services. In addition, everything is not finished in Windows 11 – there is talk of the arrival of Copilot, but without a real view of computers that will not be compatible with this AI. The integrated Android subsystem still takes a while to arrive.

The question now is whether Microsoft would do well to fix the shortcomings of WIndows 11 – or whether a better strategy is to go straight to the more advanced Windows 12. While waiting for the lines to move, Windows 11’s market share seems to have peaked, allowing it to advance only thanks to sales of new machines.

  • Microsoft is experiencing some disenchantment with Windows 11 in favor of Windows 10.
  • The operating system remains the most used on PCs and even just passed the 70% installation mark.
  • De facto, Windows 11 suffers from too many ills for many users.

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