This family project will offer three charming houses in a grandiose castle

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Work began in 2021 and has just been completed. Three houses are available for rent. Separately or together. “It is this second option that the family prefers at the moment. The idea would be to rent them to companies in the region – the northern zone of Wavre is not far away – for its expatriates. It could also use this to organize small events with the existing infrastructure. The pool house is equipped with showers and changing rooms, which makes it possible to welcome guests after paddling or swimming without having to receive them in one of the houses,” says Jean-Philippe Peire, who coordinated and monitored the site. . In the second phase, the possibility of individual rental will be considered. The rent should be around 3000 euros. “But even here we can consider a more community project, if the residents so wish. We could imagine creating a shared vegetable garden or any other joint project.

The shields, classified, remained. © DR

Old and new

This Oud Kasteel was probably originally a hunting lodge belonging to the d’Overschie de Neerijs family. At the end of the 18th century, the property with the surrounding land was bought by the notary Guillaume Roberti de Winghe, who set up his offices here. The building was extended and beautified at this time. By descent, this house returned to Valéria Woutersová at the end of the 19th century. At the beginning of the 20th century, she and her husband Xavier Mala undertook the construction of a mansion on a six-hectare estate, and to improve the view of their new home, she razed the central part of the “old house”, or oud castle, which houses the staff and stables. As the couple had no children, the property went to their nephew Pierre Malou. It was then inherited by his son Jean-Baptiste Malou and then by his son Pierre-Antoine, the current resident, who has five children (Natacha, Alexandra, Carine, Graziella and Laurenzo).

A family project

The renovation project is also exclusively family. Each of the five children, as well as some of the stepchildren, contributed. “Natacha took care of the decoration, Alexandra handles the promotion through her real estate agency Immo Trust, Graziella is also in real estate, Carine, a lawyer, takes part in the orders, Laurenzo, who works in Lesuco, took care of the paddle and Nicolas, one of the sons-in-law, acts in the construction industry“, describes in detail Jean-Philippe Peire, who is himself a companion of Natacha Mala.

The kitchens are equipped with the latest technology.
The kitchens are equipped with the latest technology. © DR

The project was also carried out in a nutshell: the architectural firm Studio Roma (Leuven) was the one that worked on the renovation of the village church, the kitchen was designed by Lanthaus in Overijs, the fireplaces came from Henry fireplaces in Wavre, the stairs are the work of Wargée in Wavre, the garages were made from recycled wood in Atmosphère&Bois (Limelette). “The frames were rebuilt by a family joinery in the town of Van Kerkhoven. We also went to visit him as a family with grandchildren.“, says Jean-Philippe Peire. Only the general contractor (Verstraete Vanhecke) comes from further away (Antwerp).

Future residents will be able to enjoy a 1.6 hectare park, within 6 hectares of the entire plot.

It must be said that the work was quite complex, the property was partly kept secret. Shields are specially classified. They needed to be maintained. The outer moldings were redesigned identically. The blue stones were preserved. The frames that could be salvaged were; the others were remodeled identically. “We had a big competitor: the Notre-Dame de Paris construction site. You can imagine the difficulty we had in finding wood and labor. !”

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Sustainability and technology

In addition to preserving this heritage, emphasis was placed on sustainability. “We hope to get a PEB B or A+“, emphasizes Jean-Philippe Peire, who mentions internal and external insulation, rainwater recovery, condensing boilers…”We are thinking about photovoltaic panels.” On the technical side, the project offers a video phone that allows the main gate to be opened remotely using a smartphone, a super charger with a badge system, fully equipped kitchens including remote control hobs… Three houses are also partially furnished “maintain some uniformity” : lights, blinds, curtains… The painter Natacha Malou also decorated the premises with some of her paintings.

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