The platform when looking for furnished accommodation in Brussels and… Louvain-la-Neuve

Your company name (Bed&Brussels) and its website address ( immediately evoke guest rooms and short-term rentals…

The short term is what gave birth to us. We each had a guest room at home, Valerie and I, and we started this project by getting into the madness of this type of offer. Over time, we evolved towards a medium-term horizon: three to six months. Especially following the new regulations put in place due to the success of Airbnb among other excesses. Strictly speaking, we are not a real estate agency, although we work for the owners (who pay administrative fees in the form of a 12% commission). Not even a coliving company because we don’t offer services. We also avoid getting into this hellish escalation that pushes prices up to over a thousand euros per room! We are mediators between offers and demands on the furnished market.


Because we do both B2C, directly with candidate tenants, and B2B with universities and colleges (VUB, ULB, Saint-Louis, Ichec, Ihecs, etc.), public organizations (Wallonia Brussels International, Actiris, etc.). big companies.”

What does Bed&Brussel offer?

We have some 250 housing units owned by around a hundred owners. And at the outset, I would like to add that we are actively looking for new properties. Coming back to our portfolio, 70% are furnished rooms and studios in private homes. Elders who saw the room or floor of their home relaxed when the young left the nest. Widowers or widowers who want to keep a living in the house. Divorced people. Young households that have made a purchase with children in mind do not yet have one. Etc. Their motivation can be financial, social, security… The remaining 30% are separate units (studios, apartments, shared rentals) where the owners do not want to fall or fall back into a classic rental (accidents, co-ownership, postponement of sale, going abroad, etc.) .). Our relationships with landlords are just as important as with tenants. We don’t have one target group, but two.

Did you… mother a little?

One like the other (smile). Some because you have to dare to open the door of your house. Others because it comforts them, just like their parents. We do not present a property that we have not visited or verified. We know the surroundings, environment, environment, furniture…

You say you are looking for goods. Is it because supply has decreased or because demand has increased?

A bit of both. Our portfolio has a stable base but a rotating part. We have to keep looking for them. However, since the end of the pandemic, demand has continued to grow.

“Brussels is the only city where cohabitation is considered harmful”

In Brussels and Walloon Brabant, however, expats are no longer legion…

The profile of our tenants is not that of expats, whose definition targets civil servants or foreign employees with high purchasing power. A real estate niche that has been severely curtailed by budget constraints and telecommuting. On the contrary, young people are eager to travel. And our offer is among the cheapest and at the right price: from 500 euros to 1,500, but for an apartment with 3 or 4 bedrooms.

So do you also practice coliving?

But without the premium services that coliving companies offer. And therefore significantly cheaper.

What are the preferred municipalities?

Renters are looking for Ixelles, Ixelles and Ixelles. While rents there are very expensive. We have to make them understand that the Brussels region is very small and that everything is close. We work mainly in Ixelles, Brussels, Etterbeek, Schaerbeek. But we are willing to do anything if public transport is available. Because we do both B2C, directly with candidate tenants, and B2B, with universities and colleges (VUB, ULB, Saint-Louis, Ichec, Ihecs, etc.), public organizations (Wallonia Brussels International, Actiris, etc.). large companies.

So you no longer work with tourists?

This happens to us. We still have owners of classic guest rooms for stays of less than three months, thus using a tourist visa, and who have to comply with the tourist accommodation regulations (effective June 2016, editor’s note), which scared some people.

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And whose taxation turns out to be higher than that of furnished accommodation…

Different. Taxation is higher only for operators with an annual turnover of more than 25,000 euros. On the other hand, the regulations are more complicated because they require procedures with Citytax, Sabam, etc. I’m not saying it doesn’t have good points. The problem is that there is no control.

And what are your goals outside of Brussels?

When we were mainly active in boarding houses, we were lured by Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp. Today, with our specialization in stays for three to six months, we will look more at Walloon Brabant. Louvain-la-Neuve especially where there is a fundamental lack of small buildings. This is also one of our goals.

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