Solar Xpo, the first exhibition in Wallonia dedicated to renewable energies: “Government ambitions made us create this event”

The three highlights of this new event will overlap: a day dedicated to professionals on Friday 24 May, an exhibitor and conference program dedicated to the general public on Saturday 25 May and Sunday 26 May, and the ASBL BeProsumer General Assembly on Sunday 26 May.

An industry in full development

The current energy transition is of absolute importance for the consumption of less carbon-intensive, more sustainable and more local energy, the organizers of the event emphasize in a press release. “Networks play a key role in this transition and we need to invest massively and intelligentlythey continue. Customers are also becoming major players in the system, and network administrators must develop tools to increase their flexibility.

How will we produce energy in 2030?

According to Solar Xpo organizers, 40% of European and Walloon investments, or 3 billion euros, are focused on energy and climate transformation in Wallonia. “We were driven to do this by the ambitions of the Walloon government (Plan Air Climat √Čnergie), whose goal is to double the production of renewable energy by 2030 from all available sources in Wallonia, but also to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55%. events with the aim of informing, popularizing and raising awareness among the population. Renewable energies are one of the solutions to achieve energy autonomy.

The Solar Xpo Show will showcase the full potential of the solutions available in the growing market to improve the efficiency of energy production, the press release concludes.

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