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Updated May 2, 2024 at 1:26 p.m.

Our ideas for over 100 recycled outdoor decorations – © Found on Pinterest / Pascaline Harmony

Do you want exterior decoration at a low price? There is nothing better than recycling to decorate your garden for absolutely nothing. Here are 21 decorating ideas to copy.

When the sunny days return, it’s great to spruce up your garden with garden party decorations. And for that, small budgets and lovers of responsible decor will find revival a great ally. Halfway between recycling and reuse, it allows us to reuse old items and textiles that have been gathering dust in our closets. With a good dose of imagination or a few ideas at hand and you are here with a noble exterior.

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How to decorate your garden with recycled materials?

The most affordable decorative idea for next to nothing is to give a second life to empty jars by reusing them as candles, vases, tea light candlesticks or even small pots and planters for the patio. Your glass yogurt cups, like bottles, hang on trees to enhance them and turn into garden lamps at a lower cost. Garden furniture can also be made from pallets, which is an ideal tip for having furniture without spending money. This is a stellar DIY technique for terraces and balconies, which allows you to also create an outdoor kitchen, bar or storage unit dedicated to garden tools. From the textile side, scarves, old sheets or old tablecloths can be used to create mobiles, to sew cushion covers or a tent for a children’s cooler. Choose trendy colors like white, shades of blue or green, as well as earth tones to keep all these items current.

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