New crackdown on hotspot: 59 arrests for street dealing near Porte de Hal

The fight against drug trafficking in Brussels: here are the fifteen hotspots verified by the Regional Security Council

During these actions, 59 suspects were arrested, of which 52 were made available for prosecution. There are currently 11 investigations under way with different investigating judges. A total of 18 warrants were issued for the offenses of drug sale and possession and aggravated theft. Five suspects are being prosecuted in accelerated proceedings. These suspects will appear in criminal court soon. One case has already resulted in a verdict. The two suspects were found guilty of drug trafficking offenses and sentenced to prison terms of 14 and 18 months.

All other files are information files (at the prosecutor’s office level) and are currently ongoing. In total, just over half a kilo of soft drugs, 223 grams of hard drugs and 1,169 packets of cocaine, 62,300 euros in cash and 4 firearms were also secured. Legal action and investigations will continue unabated in the coming days.

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