“Lack of infrastructure”: the number of charging stations is insufficient for electric cars

This is an uncompromising report that has just been published by the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA). The lobby claims that the deployment of a network of charging stations for electric cars is not up to par within the European Union. A rate that is largely insufficient to keep up with the sales of these green vehicles and meet the old continent’s 2030 decarbonisation targets.

The account is not there

In detail, the organization confirms that a little more than 150,000 public charging stations were deployed in Europe last year, which means that according to the European Commission, the number of 3.5 million needed in six years is still very far from the mark (410,000 installations are needed per year ).

But according to ACEA we will need 8.8 million charging points instead and therefore need to run 1.2 million per year! Why such a difference? According to our colleagues pointmanufacturers include battery electric vans in their calculations because they use the same infrastructure as electric cars.

In a press release issued for the occasion, Sigrid de Vries, CEO of ACEA, comments as follows: “We need mass adoption of electric cars in all EU countries to meet Europe’s ambitious CO2 reduction targets. This will not be possible without the widespread availability of public charging infrastructure throughout the region..

She concludes:

Easy access to public charging stations is not an advantage, but a basic condition for the decarbonisation of road transport, in addition to supporting the market and a competitive production framework in Europe. Investment in public charging infrastructure must be accelerated urgently if we are to close the infrastructure gap and meet climate targets.

And in France?

In this context, France is rather a good student in Europe. According to data we recently shared, there are 120,000 charging stations installed in the country – and this number is expected to increase to 400,000 charging stations by 2030. Enough to create an ecosystem of innovative companies creating jobs and value, as we explained in this article.

What you need to remember:

  • ACEA publishes explosive report on charging stations
  • The builders’ lobby believes that the account clearly does not exist within the EU
  • The pace should accelerate significantly by 2030 to meet decarbonisation targets

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