Ivo Poppe, sentenced to 27 years in prison for five murders, can leave prison for health reasons

The case came to light at the end of 2013, when Ivo Poppe confided to his psychiatrist that he had actively killed several dozen people. He allegedly injected insulin or air into their veins while working as a nurse and then as a pastoral associate at Sacred Heart Hospital in Menen.

Ivo Poppe, ‘deacon of death’, convicted of five murders: ‘I’m really sorry’

He killed his 79-year-old great-uncle Maurice Vanhaverbeke in September 1978, his second great-uncle Leo Vanhaverbeke (81) in May 1986, his stepfather Gerard Vercamer (80) in 2004 and his mother Ivonna Vanhaverbeke (90) on 27 January 2011.

During the investigation, Ivo Poppe confessed to killing Marguerite Blondeel (aged 84) in March 1996 and Irma Parmentier (aged 74) in December 1993, before going back on those confessions.

The former deacon admitted to taking the lives of at least ten other patients without the identities of the victims being known. The ex-deacon was eventually acquitted of the assassination of Marguerite Blondeel.

Ivo Poppe was already suffering from prostate cancer at the time of his trial. According to the defense, the 60-year-old’s health has deteriorated significantly. Mr. Poppe is said to have been given calcium tablets twice in prison instead of cancer medication, his lawyer says.

The defense therefore successfully requested the court for the execution of the sentence to release Ivo Poppe on parole for health reasons. Meanwhile, he was hospitalized for cancer treatment.

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