iOS 17.5: Apple is coming up with something new for iPhone repairs

Apple is currently preparing an update to its iOS 17.5 operating system. And according to an article from 9To5Mac, this update could include a new feature called Repair State. We remind you that iOS 17.5 is currently being tested in beta. And it was in one of the new beta versions of this update that 9to5Mac discovered a new functionality. Essentially, Repair State could make it easier to get your iPhone repaired by Apple or one of its partners.

Currently, when you take your iPhone in for repair, Apple asks you to turn off Find It. To prevent a third party from repairing your device without your knowledge, Apple may not be able to repair your device unless Find My is turned off.the company explains on its help page.

But with the “Repair Status” feature, users can have the option to get their iPhone repaired without turning off the location feature. When the “Repair Status” mode is activated before the repair, the system will actually ask for the Apple ID and password, which confirms that the person requesting the repair is indeed the owner of the iPhone.

More convenient if you have anti-theft protection activated

The Repair State feature is also useful for people who have enabled the “Device Theft Protection” feature that Apple launched this year.
When this anti-theft protection is activated, the system disables the Find Security Delay feature by one hour if the iPhone is not in a known location. If a person arrives at the repairer and disables the Locate on Site feature, the repairer may wait an hour (safety timeout) to confirm that the feature has been disabled.

And it is possible that Apple also developed a Repair State feature to solve this problem.

iPhone repair is getting easier and easier

In any case, it’s interesting to see Apple continue to improve the repair experience for its products at a time when more and more smartphone users want to keep the same device for longer. Recently, the company announced that it will be possible to repair iPhones with used parts, except when those parts come from stolen or lost iPhones.

  • According to 9To5Mac, Apple is preparing a new mode called “Repair State” that must be activated when sending an iPhone to a repair shop.
  • Currently, Apple is asking its customers to turn off Find My before repairing to ensure that the device is not repaired without the owner’s knowledge.
  • This mechanism, while allowing this verification to be performed, is not always practical and prevents the user from finding their device during repair.

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