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Return to childhood. An icon of an entire generation, Pamela Anderson survived the decade. Long after hanging up the famous red swimsuit that made her an international star, the actress is now looking for a simpler life closer to nature. It was then that she recharged her batteries on Vancouver Island, more precisely in Ladysmith, New Columbia, Canada. But not just anywhere. Not in a building with no history in his eyes, but in the family home that belonged to his grandmother. She was born there and her parents lived in one of the cabins located on the vast land along the coast.
Here, on the shore, on this island overlooking Vancouver, life is very different from the mainland. We live in slow motion. We take our time. Time that even seemed to stand still on Pamela Anderson’s property. So, when it’s time to give it some shine back, doing nothing is out of the question. We are renovating while paying tribute to our ancestors. We revive the heritage of the place between the atmosphere of ancient times and modern comfort. All this with increased environmental awareness. Produce as little waste as possible, recycle as much as possible and use sustainable materials. A huge project that the star also brings to life through her reality show “Pamela’s Garden”. Surrounded by professionals such as interior designer Francesca Albertazzi of Studio Albertazzi, the actress invites us into her daily life as a “project manager”.
Throughout the episodes, we follow the busy development of the work before discovering the final result, true to Pamela’s wishes. His desires were simple. As the only specification, the interior designer had instructions: “eccentric but fun,” she declared to colleagues on “At Home.”

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A cottage atmosphere for the cafe area

Behind this postulate is primarily the desire not to betray the former occupier. We pay tribute to him by re-enchanting the cottagecore vibe to make all the Jessica Fletchers, eternal performer of “arabesque” that slumber within us pale. As soon as you enter, you are immersed in the decor evoking the old tea shop that Pamela’s grandmother ran here.
To reproduce this atmosphere, we will need wood, floral wallpaper in which hummingbirds play, and old dishes. On the wall hung a lot of dishes displayed in wooden racks. We are restoring the old-fashioned atmosphere of a cafe with counter furniture in the middle of the room and a cozy dining room further on with a bistro table and bench seating.
We play with materials on the floor. Black and white tiles, forming like a carpet, mark this space. It coexists with the parquet floor, which stretches and invites us to discover the rest of the house.

A subtle palette that emphasizes white, wooden and patinated furniture

Whether in the main building, nicknamed the motorest, the new greenhouse, the “cabins” or the XXL shipyard, the palette is as gentle as at a romantic wedding. So if we too want a house with a nostalgic calm like Pamela Anderson’s, we concentrate all our British eccentricity in one room. Others will rely on subtlety and discretion. White and wood lead to an elegant country result. In the living room and the dining room, the space is shared by a large and pleasant white sofa with a long worn table and stylish chairs upholstered in green. Chandeliers with tassels and glassware straight from the attic are essential accessories for this flawless scenography.
The white kitchen, on the other hand, stands out for its simplicity and focuses more on functionality than on aesthetics. Nevertheless, we find rustic codes with facades reminiscent of farm doors and thin wooden shelves.
And finally, because Pamela loves details and harmony, her laundry room is also undergoing a classy makeover. No more colorful detergent packaging. The cans are sewn. Here, too, minimalism and beautiful finishes are essential. Finally, family photos and old paintings bring personality and charm to this 100% technical space.

Home Interior Reproduction Ideas by Pamela Anderson

For an interior worthy of a star, we immerse our den in a rustic and elegant atmosphere. In this decor, more modern elements subtly come to the fore. These are mainly stainless steel appliances that give the kitchen a professional touch, a coffee machine worthy of the greatest baristas or a built-in wine cabinet for storing champagne and kombucha.

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