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Posted May 2, 2024 at 7:23 pm.

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Vases, tables, lamps… balls invade our interior and we love them. Shopping

After wavy wool, organic shapes, sculptural foundations and even the boudin trend, decorative pieces continue to be restructured. This time it’s the balls that take over. In groups, glued together, well aligned or on top of each other, they make their graphic revolution. Let’s just say 2024 is going to be plump.
We want softness and comfort. What could be better than falling under the spell of these curves, especially when they play the accumulation card. Even more so when they are plural. If at first glance they have something playful, even childish or backward, they can also be couture and chic.

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How to embrace the prom trend?

The interesting thing about this trend is that it adapts to all styles. Fans of pop and cheerful worlds will find what they are looking for with frames or candles in bright tones. But even these balls can be nostalgic, even rustic, when they appear on the legs of the dining table.
But if we value them so much, it is mainly because they turn any decorative object into a work of art. And if they are additionally decorated with raw wood or marble, they will infuse our interior with a sophisticated atmosphere.
To create contrasts, we think of rebalancing these pieces by connecting them with straight lines, but just like the architectural ones.

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