Expect half a million for a house in Brussels, prices are skyrocketing in Flanders

However, these figures hide large regional differences, with the capital the most expensive, Wallonia the least expensive and Flanders in between, which saw the biggest price increase last year.

Brussels, the only region where property prices fell in 2023

In the Brussels-Capital region, the median price of a terraced house is 495,000 euros (+0.8%). In 2023, the median price of open days fell by 18.9%, for which you still had to pay €932,500. The median price of apartments reached 256,500 euros (+0.8%).

In the south of the country, the median price of a terraced house was €176,000 (+0.6%) and €290,000 (unchanged) on the day of the open house. Median apartment prices rose by 2.9% to 180,000 euros. The purchase of an apartment is thus more expensive than a closed or semi-closed house.

It was in Flanders that the increase in real estate prices was the strongest. The median price of terraced houses rose by 4.6% to €298,120, while for semi-detached houses it reached €410,000, an increase of 3.8%. The median price of an apartment reached 245,000 euros (+4.3%).

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