Election 2024: here are the barriers to voting rights for incarcerated people

However, several obstacles stand in the way of exercising this right, according to the Central Council, starting with a lack of information among incarcerated people – the prison administration assumes that “it is up to everyone to inform about the issues at stake in the election. and methods of voting”.

“How can we understand that prisoners are there because they did not respect the rules of our society and that laws are being broken in prison?”

“However, detainees clearly do not have the same access to information as in a free society: no access to the Internet, inability to participate in debates, inability to communicate with a party or candidate, etc.,” we can read in the CCSP’s opinion.

The second obstacle lies in the administrative and social difficulties that prisoners face. Currently, the electoral summons for detained voters is sent to their home or, failing that, to the CPAS reference address.

These pre-election appeals must therefore be mailed by the family or CPAS to the prison, which will then pass them on to the affected persons. “This way makes things a waste of time, risks losses and makes people dependent on third-party referrals,” CCSP regrets.

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