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Posted May 2, 2024 at 4:07 pm.

Want a frame as beautiful as the work it contains? Here are 5 easy ideas to personalize these frames.

For a cell phone event, everyone plays the role of photographer. At the slightest opportunity, we pull out a cell phone and a machine gun. Dozens, hundreds, even thousands of photos pile up and fill up the memory of our device. The same goes for DSLR users. So we sort, store and above all print.
And when our works are already on paper, it would be a shame to close them in an album. We then select the most beautiful ones to proudly display. But if the print is important, choosing a frame to highlight our photos is just as important. We can focus on those on the market that offer a varied palette, able to adapt to all styles. But for a unique and completely personal look, why not customize them? We’ll explain how.

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How to personalize frames?

If we like to look at DIY, we especially love the ones that we can easily reproduce. Here, little equipment is needed for a stunning result, as evidenced by the Instagram account @chelseazeferina. With a few wooden beads in the shape of a hemisphere, you create a sewing model. After sticking like a frieze, curved side out, they are painted over with the color of your choice. We can have fun adapting the idea to many other formats.
For a 100% artistic and absolutely stunning look, we take inspiration from @tinalemac who extends the frame design to Marie-Louise or tricks the mind with a larger-than-life wavy outline.
You can also succumb to the disco ball trend, or imagine a floral frame, which is enough on its own. You can also hang it on the wall and place a second, much smaller frame in its center, or display a drawing or raw painting directly.
Finally, if you don’t know what to do with old family portraits or old paintings inherited from grandparents, @burcuyaran has a solution: cover half of them with paint, canvas and frame included. We opted for a pop or even fluorescent shade to bring contrast and character. The straight line, the diagonal and even the circle will make us look again at these works considered obsolete.

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