Climate change: what clothes for professionals?

What do professional clothing manufacturers offer to adapt to climate change?

With repeated heat waves in the summer and wetter winters than before, PPE must adapt to these climate changes.. There is no question of professionals putting off safety at work because of inappropriate equipment. The manufacturers have no other solution but to review their copy so that the clothing is not worn incorrectly and thus ineffectively in terms of protection.

THE Summer PPE they are therefore made of light fabrics and which wick away sweat to prevent maceration and irritation caused by moisture. This way, they are easily supported by the professionals who wear them. It is also possible to obtain cooling clothes, like Oxwork’s Portwest vest. Comfort and visibility are thus preserved. In addition, there are more and more bright colors that repel heat, as well as PPE with additional options. For example, a worker may wear a construction helmet with safari jacket or a ventilated model.

Of course, professional winter outfits are designed from stronger fabrics. However, it must always allow sweat to evaporate, otherwise one will quickly feel the cold when the activity stops. But the breathability of the garment must also be compatible with the outer waterproofing to prevent the professional from getting wet due to bad weather. Attention, even the thickness should not be an obstacle to movement. So you have to find the right one a compromise between insulation, waterproofing and breathability.

And because everyone is different and doesn’t experience temperatures the same, offers a variety of clothing lines for professionals, for men and women. All employees can thus equip themselves with suitable protection for complete safety at work. Quality, comfort and technical sophistication are there, regardless of budget.

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