Bruno Hourcade: his foolproof tips on how to tame TV games and become a millionaire

The master of the show “Les 12 coups de midi” returned to his training method that allowed him to break the world record for the number of individual victories in the televised game.

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– A young man won more than a million euros in TV games

After setting a new record by winning more than €1 million in 252 TF1 entries, 12 strikes noonhosted by Jean-Luc Reichmann, Bruno Hourcade has just published an autobiographical book with Hors Collection editions titled Me, a millionaire?, in which he traces his journey but also reveals the behind-the-scenes of the show. Either morning TF1 Good morning ! this Thursday, May 2, or daily 20 minutesthe greatest master of midday gave some tips to anyone who would like to make money participating in game shows.

His first piece of advice is, above all, “stay yourself». If we play a character, we don’t last the whole length because (…) we can’t lie over 252 performances“, he explained. However, the candidate warns that this lifestyle entails great sacrifices. “You still have to organize your whole life around it.“, evocative”the rhythm of filming, programs that follow each other” As well as “shooting“.

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“It’s really work.

The young man returned to his “training method” before each show: “We try to revise classic topics such as queen of englandcapitals of countries, but sometimes we get surprised (…) It’s really work.» Because if general knowledge is key to winning this game, it’s not enough. “But I made index cards, I had two whole binders of index cards. I had been preparing for months before. The whole organization is behind it, and then the whole family, loved ones, who also have to organize themselves according to our pace.“, he explained.

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