A new type of anti-drug-trafficking police operation in Brussels has led to around sixty arrests

Political, police and judicial authorities in Brussels responded by intensifying actions in an attempt to eradicate (or at least limit) this criminal phenomenon. One of the latest actions made it possible to locate various “hotspots”, these strategic places for the drug trade in the capital. The Regional Security Council of the Brussels Region (Cores) thus defined fifteen on March 28 hotspots to which the Brussels police services pay particular attention.

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But that is not all. Free could note that in some areas of the capital that are prone to trafficking and consumption, additional police actions are currently being carried out discreetly. In the spotlight: the connections that could exist between the neighborhood of “La Querelle” in Marolles in Brussels, Place Jacques Franck and Place Betlém, both located in Saint-Gilles and around the Porte de Hal, riding between the two communes.

Recognition, observation and then arrest

These locations were not targeted by accident. In recent weeks, there has been significant violence between drug dealers. Consumers “in transit” – coming from neighborhoods “located rather south of Brussels”, we were told – it would also be visible. Faced with the anger of local residents who refuse to see their streets engulfed in violence over the drug trade, targeted action has been taken.

Thus we learn from good sources that “fruitful cooperation” was born almost four weeks ago and brought together mainly the Brussels public prosecutor’s office, the Brussels/Ixelles police zone, the Brussels/Midi police zone and the municipalities of Saint-Gilles and Brussels. A few plainclothes police officers walk the streets of the cited neighborhood first on a scouting mission, then observation and finally arrest. These would be police officers from the anti-drug unit.

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These police officers, whose faces are unknown in the surroundings, would thus be able to blend in with the crowd and carry out their operations. And according to our sources (well-informed on the progress of these files), the work is bearing fruit, as around sixty suspected drug dealers have already been arrested, in addition to a significant seizure of drugs, firearms and cash.

“Local residents are very happy with the results,” we slide Where an increased police presence has usually been poorly received, we see officers being thanked and even offered to come home for coffee. This demonstrates the fatigue of citizens facing the scale of drug trafficking. And the interest of such an organized police mission”.

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