Xiaomi X20+ review: everything you could ask for in a robot vacuum at half the price

Will efficient robotic vacuum cleaners finally become available? The field is still recent and yet these machines seem to be essential and a popular place in French households. To have a powerful home robot with a base that cleans and vacuums, the average price is at least 700 euros.

A budget that apparently not all French people can afford. Here comes Xiaomi with the design of the robotic vacuum cleaner X20+, with features that fully meet the needs of the largest number of people, at an unbeatable price. Could Xiaomi’s X20+ be the best value for money this year?

Xiaomi X20+ price and availability

The Xiaomi X20+ robotic vacuum cleaner has recently been available only in white. It is sold here for a recommended price of 400 euros.

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In the Xiaomi ecosystem

If you are interested Xiaomi X20+, there is a good chance that you already have one or more devices from the Chinese brand at home. Thanks to this, you will quickly get to know him the Xiaomi Home appwhich centralizes all machines here.

Xiaomi X20+ review
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Installing the Xiaomi robot is simple and therefore benefits from the brand’s ecosystem, which is quite intuitive. When we plugged in the device, we were greeted with a pop-up notification similar to that of an audio device, instructing us to install the X20+. Therefore, a very good point. The app offers features that are well known among robotic vacuum cleaners, such as programming according to a very specific schedule.

Where Xiaomi takes personalization further is the room-by-room wash selection. If for some reason you want more powerful suction in the kitchen rather than in the living room, it is absolutely possible. A very useful feature for adjust the water level used on the tiles in the bathroom or, for example, on the floor in the dining room.

Xiaomi X20+ review
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However, we would point out that, unlike most competing applications, it is not possible to adjust the robot’s charging hours.

A must-have feature for using off-peak hours and therefore saving electricity in this financially difficult period. Xiaomi still has the option to offer this feature in the future, when the application is updated.

Mapping that requires a lot of work

Xiaomi X20+ offers precise mapping with LDS laser. It thus creates an optimal movement pattern for a limited washing time. Thus, the robotic vacuum cleaner took no more than 50 minutes to do its job by vacuuming and washing our ground floor of a 100m2 house. Here, Xiaomi’s robotic vacuum cleaner tried to clean by shaving baseboards and furniture legs without rubbing against them.

After observing the excellent behavior of the X20+, we are all the more disappointed with the following information: The Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner does not detect carpets automatically. It will therefore be mandatory to report them in the application, which requires great accuracy of the location on the map. This aspect is very impractical and could be annoying if the placement is not done conscientiously.

Here, the robot risks not picking up its wet mops and trying to wash the carpets with them. Finally, cartography also requires spending some time allocating rooms for accommodation, the robot was only marginally successful in identifying the demarcations. So let’s summarize the X20+’s mapping capabilities say they require a lot of manual adjustments by the user.

What about obstacle detection?

Here, the robot from Xiaomi works the same as all robotic vacuum cleaners on the market. It will avoid objects thrown here and there in your home if they are at least 3 centimeters high. Slippers, toys and other weights are no problem for X20+ navigation.

Xiaomi X20+ review
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On the other hand, like the other robots, this one failed our usual cable test. Have a power strip under the couch, The Xiaomi robot didn’t detect the wires and ended up eating the poor USB-C cable that was in its way.

Given that models three times the price of the X20+ can’t even detect cables, it’s hard to fault it here. We will therefore prefer instantly create a restriction zone using the app.

We vacuum and wash with the Xiaomi X20+

Once your mapping is well configured, now comes the time to start cleaning to see what this new robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi has in its belly. And his suction power 6000 Pa available for the X20+, which in most cases is sufficient to remove crumbs deposited on the floor.

The point where suction will be rather disappointing, it is for carpets. In fact, the central brush does not scrub them enough and after passing through the machine, crumbs remain embedded in the fibers of the carpet. The owners of the carpets will have to choose whether to turn to another device or get a vacuum cleaner as an addition.

Regarding washing, The X20+ has two rotating mops, which for its price is a very good initiative from Xiaomi. As we explained to you in the test of the Eureka E10S robotic vacuum cleaner, robots with a simple mop trailing behind them are not able to properly wash the floors. Here, don’t expect to overcome the toughest tasks with the X20+.

However, washing capacities are sufficient for simple daily washing in a household where the residents take off their shoes and live without animals. Be careful though, it can leave marks that will be invisible on PVC moldings but more noticeable on tiles.

Our take on the X20+

Xiaomi makes technologies previously reserved for robotic vacuum cleaners available for more than 700 euros. With a base for managing clean water, dirty water and emptying the robot, it also has two rotary mops. Washing is therefore no longer reserved for high-end robotic vacuum cleaners.

Xiaomi X20+ review
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The Chinese brand had to make concessions in carpet suction efficiency with the X20+ which is also quite noisy but the offer at this price remains absolutely unbeatable. All in all, Xiaomi

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Xiaomi X20+


Xiaomi X20+ review

We love

  • Its very affordable price
  • Base with clean water management, dirty water and suction at this price
  • Very good navigation
  • Great value

We like it less

  • Carpets are not automatically detected
  • Carpet vacuuming will fulfill your wishes
  • Some marks on the floor after washing

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