Two thirds of the apartments are occupied by their owners in Belgium

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At the regional level, only the Brussels-Capital region shows a slight increase (+0.1 percentage point). In 2021, it had 200,379 owners, or 38.1% (compared to 38.0% in 2011).

Among the 20 largest municipalities, Aalst is the municipality with the highest percentage of owner-occupied housing (68.2%, i.e. 26,508 housing units). It is followed by Kortrijk (67.7%, 22,820 housing units), Hasselt (66.0%, 24,104 housing units), Bruges and Mechelen (both 64.8%; with 35,505 and 23,699 housing units).

More variations in cities

The city of Antwerp has 120,060 owner-occupied dwellings, which is 52.5% of the total number of occupied conventional dwellings.

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In large municipalities and cities, the differences in the number of traditional owner-occupied houses between 2011 and 2021 are larger, both up and down, with some values ​​standing out as in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean (+ 3.8 ppt), Brussels (+ 3.3 ppt) and Ostend (+ 2.0 ppt) on the one hand and Liège (- 3.5 ppt) and Louvain (- 2.9 ppt) on the other.

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