They didn’t get their April salary: a big problem for 2,200 teaching assistants

2,200 teaching assistants in Brittany have still not received their salary for the month of April. The Rectorate states that payments will be made on Thursday, May 2. Meanwhile, several teaching assistants are facing serious financial problems.

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– The Rectorate, contacted by Ouest-France, defended this delay by claiming a “computer incident”.

It is a surprise that is not the most pleasant. Tuesday, April 30, as reported by Ouest-France, 2200 teaching assistants (AED) of Brittany found that their salary for the month of April they have not yet been paid. “As of today, April 30, it has already been 33 days since our last salary which represents a significant delay and hurts our financial situatione,” the education assistant told the regional newspaper. Because this situation is clearly putting many employees difficulty.

The Rectorate, contacted by Ouest-France, defended this delay by claiming a “computer incident” which did not allow the transfer of rewards “originally scheduled for April 26, 2024”, specifies. The administration said that a a new complaint has been sentTuesday, April 30 at the Regional Directorate of Public Finance (DRFIP) The new date for the payment of wages is therefore set at Thursday, May 2. May 1, a public holiday, could not be selected as a new payment day.

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“Many AEDs in trouble”

This situation is likely further deteriorating relations with AEDwho very often regret poor working conditions. This delay in their eyes “show again insufficient attention of the rectorate for our function. We plan not to go back to work until we receive our salaries along with interest to compensate for this loss.condemned the AED 35 collective in a press release.

“In a period of high inflation that has not been followed by salary increases, this late payment puts many AEDs in trouble (rent to pay, account in the red at the end of the month, etc.)”, explained the team. In Brittany, schools are currently closed for the school holidays. Classes are scheduled to resume on Monday, May 6.

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