The Current Group and EM Normandy publish a barometer on the attitude of the French to work

EM Normandy Current Group and Study: Three main well-identified asset families

Thanks to these two axes based, for the first time in an employment study, on “invisible” criteria, three distinct groups were identified:

  1. Stable which they represent 45.9% of assets.
    Profile: mostly urban, with a diploma of at least Bac +2
    Features : average level of employability, familiar with contracts for an indefinite period and with certainty depending on age, diploma and place of residence.
    Stable people are divided into two subgroups, stable pessimists (24.6%) and stable optimists (21.3%). The main criterion that moves the asset from optimistic to pessimistic is age (39 years according to the study), because it undermines self-confidence.
  2. Avant-garde which they represent 13% of assets. Profile: highly educated and urban but not the youngest. Characteristics: experienced and left permanent contracts to become entrepreneurs. A high degree of employability and self-confidence, the ability to define one’s own rules of the game.
  3. Unengaged people who represent 12.5% ​​of assets. Profile: least skilled, oldest and least urban population. I have never known permanent employment, but precarious employment depending on opportunities. Features : low levels of employability, adaptability and confidence.

“It makes no sense to keep looking for the same candidates. We must therefore look elsewhere, not focusing on CV but rather on ability and motivation. Even if it means training the missing skills. » explain Samuel Tual, President of the Actual Group.

“This barometer shows the different dynamics of work in the French archipelago and aims to provide new reading networks for recruiters and job seekers alike. » supplies Jean Pralong, teacher-researcher in human resources at EM Normandy.

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