Survival guide for BAC 1: adapting to university life

You are about to return first year of college? you are small lost, and you’re afraid of being thrown in the deep end? Don’t panic, everything will be fine, Kotplanet will give you 4 Tips for adjusting to university life.

Have you heard a lot about first year at university? We’ll tell you if it actually happens or not…

1/ Find a balance between teaching and going out

The most difficult balance you can find when you start studying is surely this! THE the temptations are very numerousall evenings are great, you have envy go out and enjoy of all this and that’s normal ! Be careful though, don’t forget that the word “student” has the word “study” in it…! Don’t spend all your time in the library, you need to relax too! But don’t spend all your time in the club or at home, you have to study. Everyone has his rhythm, it’s up to you to find yours over the weeks.

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2/ Student baptism

If you arrive in a college town, your friends from high school are not with you and you wonder how you will make friends with them…. Don’t forget they exist student baptisms. Besides being a personal challenge who will push you to outdo yourself, that’s okay too to approach other blues (first years who are also baptized). The friendships you make at baptism will be engraved forever! If baptism doesn’t motivate you too much, don’t worry! Obviously there is many more ways to make friends.

3/ Don’t get overwhelmed by your hours

That being said, there is a balance to be found. But you mustn’t be fooled! born Don’t think about discovering all your courses the day before the exams, it will be a bit complicated (not to say impossible). Do step by stepevery day a little and you will see that once the blockage comes, no more will not collapse under the material.

4/ Manage your budget!

If you are a kitten, one of the big responsibilities you will have will be manage your budget. Your parents may give you a weekly or monthly budget, or you may have to manage your budget yourself. In any case, you will have to manage the money you have. Sometimes it’s hard the laziness of cooking comes very quickly and desire of order ready meals, or go to a Fast food will arrive very quickly. Be careful because it often costs more than if you shop aroundyou must too manage your evening budget…! In short, be careful how you spend your money.

The transition from high school to university is a a transition that can be scary. Especially when you’re having fun! This is the year during which you will have a lot of changes which you will have to master. It is the beginning of independence. If you manage your budget well, learn little by little and find the right balance between studying and evenings, everything should go well!

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