Rennes: assets and attractiveness, history and Grandes Écoles and established companies

Located in the northwest of France, Rennes Is here prefecture of the Brittany region. With real assets for establishing businesses and enviable quality of lifeYippee one of the most livable cities in France. Only 1 hour and 25 minutes from Paris, Rennes benefits from strategic geographic location which makes one attractive destination for entrepreneurs and professionals looking for opportunities.

With a population of approx 220,000 inhabitantsplaced as regional prefecture and plays the main role British economy.

Advantages and attractiveness of the city of Rennes

Rennes seduced by his Environment nice and healthy economic dynamics. Thanks to the lively city center, numerous parks and green areas, it offers an environment favorable for personal and professional development. The city also benefits from an efficient public transport network Metro and the bus routes they serve entire urban area. The city has more than 69,000 French and foreign students, making it a breeding ground for talent and innovation. Equipped with a dynamic educational ecosystemRennes offers an environment favorable for the creation of business projects and business growth.

History and culture of Rennes

Rennesfounded in the 2nd century BC, it is imbued with a rich history which is reflected in his Architectural heritage. The city was the seat Parliament of Brittany from the 15th century, which earned him nickname “royal city”. Over the centuries, Rennes prospered with its flourishing trade and intellectual dynamism, it attracted artistsof scholars and traders came from all Europe.

Rennes she is also known for her role during the french revolutionwhere it was the scene of large events, such as the battle of Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande in 1794. Later, in the 19th century, the city experienced a period of modernization with development of the textile industry and the construction of new residential areas.

Today, Rennes preserves traces of sound glorious past through its historical monuments, such as Parliament of BrittanyPUSH Saint-Pierre Cathedral and Mordelaise door. She is also recognized for it friendly and festive atmospherewith many cultural eventsas festival of Darkness and Trance music meeting, which attract thousands of visitors every year. In addition, Rennes he is famous for his life dynamic culturalwith many museums, theatres AND festivals which enliven life in the city throughout the year. Rennes it is also a gateway to Brittany and his gastronomy unique!

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Notable schools and companies founded in Rennes

Rennes it is also a city where higher education occupies an important place. Will welcome a few renowned schools and universitiessuch as the University Rennes 1university Rennes 2 AND Telecom Brittany. These institutions offer a wide range of training in various fields, from the humanities to the technical sciences, including law and economics. Between them, Rennes School of Business it excels especially in business, management and marketing, offers high-level training programs and contributes to growth local economic structure.

On plan economic, Rennes it counts presence among its assets big company as Peugeot Citroën and Bigard Group. These companies with their manufacturing plants in the regionthey play a significant role in the local economy. The presence of these giants of the automotive and agri-food industry is testimony to this the appeal of Rennes Whereas the country of investment and economic development. With their expertise and modern infrastructure, these companies contribute to the revival of the labor market and strengthen the city’s economic influencethereby attracting a lot of talent and investment.

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