Reims: property, royal history and champagne culture, Grandes Ecoles and businesses

Located in the department Marlin the area Big East, Reims is a city steeped in history and famous for its vineyards famous. PUSH Marldepartment with a diverse landscape between the plains, forestsAND vineyardoffers a pleasant living environment and diverse for its inhabitants. With a population of approx 190,000 inhabitantsReims ranks as Marne prefecture and plays a central role in the economy and culture of the region.

Property of the city of Reims

Reims seduced by his historical heritageher economic dynamics and their quality of life. The city offers an environment for life attractive thanks to its vibrant city center, its green places and his efficient public transport network. In addition, Reims benefits for strategic geographical locationonly 45 minutes from Paris in train, making it a popular destination to live and work. The presence of someone great champagne housesas Veuve Clicquot, Mumm and Taittingerit also contributes to the influence of the city and its economic attractiveness.

PUSH the worldwide reputation of champagne from Reims attracts fans from all over the world. The surrounding vineyards, classified as UNESCO World Heritageoffer picturesque landscape and the possibility to reveal the secrets of production king of wines. The champagne cellars dug into the chalk are symbolic places where you can taste the best wines and discover the fascinating history of this country. prestigious drink. PUSH champagne culture is embedded in the identity of Reims and largely contributes to tourist and economic attraction from town.

History, culture and important events in Reims

Reimscity ​​in rich royal pastis known to be the place of coronation of French kings since the dynasty Merovingians and coronation Clovis in 500. This tradition dates back to the Middle Ages, when the kings of France were crowned in the majestic cathedral of Notre-Dame de Reims. This iconic location witnessed some of the most important moments in French history that marked the beginning reigns of many monarchs and symbolizing the legitimacy of their power. The coronation ceremony was a spectacular display royal powerattracting nobles and dignitaries from around the world Europe to participate in this historic event, Reims SO!

In addition to his role in French royal familyReims has also become the scene of many key events in European history. During the first war world, the city was the scene of heavy fighting and suffered considerable damage. However, she knew how to stand up again AND to preserve its historical heritagetestifying to the resilience and determination of its inhabitants.

Today, cathedral Notre-Dame in Reims it remains a symbol of the city’s history and culture. Registered on heritage UNESCO worldattracts visitors from all over the world with its impressive Gothic architecture and grandeur stained glass windows. PUSH the city of Reims continue to celebrate theirs royal heritage through various events and festivals, thus maintaining the traditions and history that have shaped its identity over the centuries.

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Higher education institutions and companies in Reims

Reims it is also a city where higher education prevails. L’University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (URCA), founded in 1967, offers diverse training from the humanities and social sciences to the exact sciences and technologies. Every year it welcomes thousands of students from all over France and elsewhere. As for business schools, Reimswelcomes you NEOMA Business Schoolof one of the most prestigious schools in France that offers educational programs in the fields of management, finance and marketing.

On plan economic, Reims is home to several companies in the industry Champagnewhich form a a pillar of the local economy. These houses Champagnecombining tradition and innovation, contribute to international influence of Reims and his reputation of capital of champagne. In addition industryof Champagne, Reims it is also home to businesses in other industries including automotive industry, logistics and agri-food industry; we find e.g ArcelorMittal has Reims. This economic diversification strengthens the stability and dynamism of Reims’ economy and thus offers numerous professional opportunities to the residents of the region.

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