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Posted May 1, 2024 at 2:12 pm.

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Want to add color but don’t know how? We found a low-budget alternative without work. Explanations.

When it comes to decorating, sometimes the choices are hard. If from the point of view of small decorating accessories or other small things it is possible to succumb to the whim of the purchase, for other decisions the choice can be difficult. A difficult milestone to overcome. This is the case when purchasing a sofa, bed or dining table. If large pieces deserve attention, this is not the only scenario.
The color of our walls can also be a subject of hesitation. Two main clans stand out in the repaint.
There are those who swear by white. Since it is easy to live with and is complemented by a large number of shades, it is the perfect ally that fits into all interiors.
And then there are those for whom a monochrome and spotless life is not an option. They combine colors harmoniously, structure spaces with them and define functions. For them, color is simply synonymous with character and personality.
And then, in the middle of these two families, there are the hesitant ones. Those who are afraid of colors.
Fear of boredom, lack of inspiration to start. The reasons and excuses are so that we don’t give in.

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How to easily add color to your home

So for them and also for everyone who has changeable moods, we have found a solution. More precisely, it is Sophie Mouton-Brisse, color expert, who gives us her tip. The point is to rely on the sun’s rays. We have two options for this.
The first, very simple setup is to play with our curtains. We will explain it to you. When natural light passes through these fine textiles, it will be filtered and the room will be bathed in color. The icing on the cake is that you can change them according to your mood or the season.
Another option is to opt for stained glass windows. Just in trend, these glass workshops are coming back in decor. But there’s no need to break your PEL to change all the windows or turn your lair into a gothic cathedral. Simply choose a colored adhesive coating. Depending on the desired atmosphere, one or more or even all the tiles will be covered. Our privacy will be maintained in this process.
The more skilled can even have fun letting their imagination run wild and creating their own stained glass window.
Finally, regardless of the chosen solution, in all cases a sense of color will enter our home without having to repaint the walls, with the bonus of shades and a color palette that will change during the day depending on the light density. .

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