Energy: how to avoid an unpleasant surprise from the annual regularization?

For many French people, the time has come for the annual energy regularization. Millions of households have to pay bills worth several hundred euros. But instead of getting a bill that’s around €1,000 or more, here are two tips that can help limit the damage.

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It’s always the same story depending on the contract you choose: you set a monthly payment with your energy supplier that you pay over eleven months. When the twelfth month of signing up for your contract comes around, they’ll send you an invoice to pay, sometimes significantly more than your monthly payments. Actually your supplier calculates your actual consumption over the past months thanks to your meter reading. In fact, regularization allows you to adjust the difference between your estimated consumption, which you have already paid for, and your actual consumption.

At best, you paid more per month than necessary, and so you get a refund from your energy supplier. Otherwise, most often, you will be forced to pay an amount that is sometimes… astronomical.

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Monthly regularization

The easiest way to avoid the unpleasant surprise of owing your supplier up to €10,000 is contact him directly, before you receive your bill, request an increase in your monthly payments. You’re actually paying a little more each month thus limiting the significance of the payment during regularization.

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The second option: some suppliers may offer you to pay in several installments to pay the entire bill. Just know that your monthly payments will be adjusted to your consumption and should therefore increase. Fortunately, there are two solutions to best limit the damage of the famous regularization law.

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