Disco decor: how to customize a disco ball style frame

If you fall for the trend of disco balls, which has gradually established itself in our decoration, find out how easily customize the mirror ball style frame using the mirror stickers found on Action.

We focus on DIY for bright and funky decor

After years of minimalism, the decor dares to use colors and imagination. Among the various trends that reflect this new impulse, we love plaid patterns, waves and rounded shapes, pops of color and the big comeback of the disco ball, among others. We incorporate it in its original form, but also by twisting it to apply facets to our mirrors, lamps and even nice decorative items like the disco sponge.

Customize the frame to liven up your interior

If you want to create a mosaic of frames or simply liven up a sideboard that is a bit boring, customize the frame it might be a great idea. This allows you to bring variety to your choice of colors, but also textures and patterns. You can then paint the frame, decorate it with adhesive tape and even make your own frames from self-hardening paste. By changing the sizes, textures, patterns and colors of your frames, you can add a very personal touch to your interior.

Tutorial for customizing the frame using faceted stickers


  • Photo frame
  • Faceted Stickers (for this tutorial they are from Action)
  • Cutter
  • Ruler or square


  1. If it is a reclaimed frame, clean it well and sand if necessary.
  2. Cut strips the thickness of your frame from the sticker boards using a cutter.
  3. Remove the paper protection and gradually apply the strips to the frame.

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