A two-bedroom house 3D printed in just 18 hours in Porto, Portugal

The UK and Portugal, former tax havens…

The print processing time is a testament to the efficiency and speed that 3D printing technology brings to the construction industry“, emphasized Havelar in a press release. A technical performance that allows it to offer, in particular, a sales price that contrasts sharply with the average of 3,104 euros/m² in Porto, according to the latest report from the National Institute of Portuguese Statistics.

More than a printing or construction company, we support construction 2.0, which allows us to deliver complete new homes in less than two months, well below current market pricesargued Patrick Eichiner, CEO and co-founder of Havelar, quoted in a press release. We can deliver modern mid-market homes for as little as €1,500/m².”

Carbon neutrality

His partner Rodrigo Vilas-Boas highlighted the character “revolutionary“their entrepreneurial approach.”We strive to work with partners who share our vision of building sustainable and accessible communities. For 150,000 euros, a young couple can get the house of their dreams, which is located in an easily accessible area and provides all the necessary services.“, he pointed.

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Havelar’s ambitions extend far beyond the rapid delivery of contemporary designed homes at very competitive prices. “Thanks to 3D structural printing, construction waste has already been significantly reduced, but by 2030, Havelar hopes to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations using alternative construction materials such as soil, sludge, slag, straw and other biomaterials.”, insisted the Portuguese company.

Our printers are open source in terms of materials and can print with many different types”, greeted Henrik Lund-Nielsen, founder and CEO of COBOD, a supplier of 3D printers for the construction industry.

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