Tuesday is the deadline for filing taxes without penalties

(Montreal) Individuals who still haven’t filed their 2023 tax returns have until Tuesday evening to do so if they want to avoid penalties and interest.

Both federally and in Quebec, the deadline for filing tax returns for individuals is April 30.

This is also the deadline to pay any outstanding balance to avoid a penalty or interest.

Only self-employed persons have until June 15 to submit their tax returns – as this deadline falls on a Saturday this year, the agencies will consider returns received or sent by June 17 as timely.

Notwithstanding anything, interest on any balance due shall be calculated from 1ahem but also for self-employed persons.

The late payment penalty is 5% of the outstanding balance as of the scheduled filing date, in addition to 1% added for each additional month of delay.

For people who don’t want to file their taxes for fear of not being able to pay their balance, Revenu Québec still advises them to file their returns by Tuesday evening to avoid penalties and interest.

By Sunday, Revenu Québec had received more than 5,522,000 tax returns, of which more than 5,061,000 were submitted electronically.

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