SNCF Avantage card for 2.45 euros? Beware of this new scam

As the May holidays and especially the summer season approaches, SNCF customers are falling victim to a new scam campaign. They are promised an Advantage card 20 times cheaper than full price.

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– SNCF victim of new Avantage card fraud.

SNCF is once again the target of a fraudulent campaign. This time, SNCF customers received an email promising a promotion not to be missed on their Avantage card, spotted by France 3 Loire-Atlantique. An email containing all the official communication codes from SNCF, and especially from the SNCF Connect page, assures you that all Advantage cards are at a reduced price: “€2.45 ​​instead of €49”i.e. price divided by 20. The authors insist that: “Avail this offer now by clicking ‘Continue’”. No spelling or grammar mistakes, railway company logo… it’s all there!

The fraudsters have gone even further, as clicking on the link provided in the email will take you to a page almost identical to SNCF’s. With one exception: only one card is available, that from the “Offer”, our colleagues saw. The problem is that an interested customer is likely to click on it. However, from the moment you are lured in by this enticing offer, you enter your bank details and crooks have plenty of time to steal your personal and banking details.

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SNCF never offers such discounts

However, there are several ways to avoid falling into the trap. The first is to check the sender’s email: you will find out very quickly that the name is strange. Another thing to know is that this kind of offers Advantage card discount very rare from SNCFand never so reduced. The railway company also states this on its website “You will never be asked to provide your personal information (name, age, address, bank details, passwords, customer account information, etc.) either by email or SMS”.

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SNCF is regularly the target of fraudulent campaigns and claims that it carries them out “actively fighting these phishing campaigns”. Already last summer, fraudsters were offering an Advantage card for 99 cents, and during Black Friday another for 2.45 euros. In recent weeks it is the Liberty card that has been fraudulently offered for €1. This scam has already taken its toll. According to France 3, a customer saw the payment of 1,580 euros just stopped his bank. It is advisable to report any phishing attempt to SignalArnaques or

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