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Balmoral, Buckingham, Windsor… The residences owned by the British royal family are numerous. Clarence House, long hidden due to neglect, is now attracting all eyes. For good reason, the royal couple formed by Charles III settled here in 2003. and Camilla. And even if the King and Queen could move to Buckingham Palace, Clarence House remains the place where their wedding will flourish. A few days before the coronation, we invite you to enter these unique places. Visit.

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Clarence House, a place steeped in history

Built by architect John Nash between 1825 and 1827, Clarence House was originally owned by the King’s brother, the Duke of Clarence. This Regency-style residence adopts the codes of the time: clean architectural lines. The facade, toned in white, which contrasts with the colors of St. James’s Park, located just a few steps away, is finished with a play of graphic symmetry. During the Second World War, the building was worn out, if not destroyed, it had to go through several reconstructions. While its original structure remains the same, the interior has changed significantly as its owners have changed one after another. Today, people flock to London’s main thoroughfare to admire its beauty. However, Clarence House was once more intimate. After passing through the hands of various kings, it was Elizabeth II who finally inherited it during her marriage to Prince Philip. They lived there for some time as a family, but very quickly, in 1953, the palace became the residence of the Queen Mother.

Clarence House therefore holds a special place in the future king’s heart. His childhood memories are closely connected with this place. It was here that he spent special moments with his sister Anne and his grandmother. After his death in 2002, Charles III. decided to settle down permanently with his wife Camilla. Now in this estate with a large flower garden in the English style, the couple lives and organizes various events. Clarence House, the epicenter of his private and professional life, captured the most important moments of the Windsor family’s daily life.

Decoration of Clarence House rebuilt by Charles III and Camilla

Taking up residence in the palace, the man who will officially become king this Saturday, May 6, 2023, decides to give the building a second life. The decor, unchanged since the 1950s, changed completely after that. Then the master reconstruction began. Charles III and his wife Camilla want to preserve the atmosphere and history of the place. Despite this, the official website dedicated to the royal family notes that “the color palettes in most of the rooms have been adjusted, new textiles have been introduced and a few new pieces from the royal collection and from the prince’s own art collection. of Wales (King Charles’s title when his renovations were carried out, ed. note).

An interior that mixes eras is created. Master paintings, trinkets from the four corners of the world, old patterned plates displayed in a vintage dresser… The pieces that decorate Clarence House are exceptional. The decoration follows the traditions of the crown. It should be subtle and not minimalistic. In this palace we collect memories to continue promoting the history of Great Britain. It is for this reason that the couple allows a lucky few to visit the grounds each year during the open days held in August. But as places sell out quickly, we invite you to discover the interior of the Clarence House residence in the pictures.

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