Increase in late payments for businesses

Fines for latecomers

Trade Minister Olivia Grégoire said SMEs were often the first to pay their invoices, even though they were often the last to be paid. More than 15 billion euros would be lost in nature, while many companies in waiting for payments, would really need to have them in his bank account. VSEs, like those in the construction industry, which have very high raw material costs, are collapsing because they don’t get paid on time. Banks do not take the risk of tracking these companies.

It is therefore assumed that checks on compliance with payment deadlines will be introduced more frequently. At least 766 companies were audited in 2023. Among them, 346 were fined for not meeting the payment deadline. The fact that these sanctions are visible in publications makes this possible condemn bad payers. These controls should be focused mainly on large companies. In addition to this increase in checks, fines for latecomers should be doubled.

Likewise, communities, like businesses, must be transparent. The law stipulates that even local authorities with more than 3,000 inhabitants must publish payment deadlines.

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