In Strasbourg, Rennes, Menton, Saint-Étienne, students block the IEP

The mobilization is spreading regionally. Following the blockade of the Paris Sciences Po campus last Friday and the occupation of the Sorbonne yesterday afternoon, pro-Palestinian students blocked access to IEPs in Rennes and Strasbourg this Tuesday, April 30. The relocated campuses of Sciences Po Paris in Menton and Sciences Po Lyon in Saint-Étienne are also blocked.

On social media, protesters are adopting the same images and slogans. In Science After Strasbourg, where, according to information from Rue 89, around forty students are mobilized, the facade of the school is covered with Palestinian flags. Reading Banners: “Science Po Accomplice on Israeli Genocide”, cover part of the walls. The entrance to the IEP is blocked by trash cans and construction barriers. Member of France insoumise, Emmanuel Fernandes he went there to support the activists.

At Sciences Po Rennes, chairs were stacked in front of the gates. There are Palestinian flags and a banner “Sciences After Rennes Supports Palestine.” On TikTokthe young woman declares that the students “voted to block the IEP in support of the Palestinian people and in support of all mobilized students in the United States, at Sciences Po Paris, etc.”

On the side of the relocated Sciences Po Paris campuses, we also draw inspiration from last week’s mobilizations. Several dozen students in Menton they organized a “session” before the IEP. The young people clap their hands and repeat: “For the honor of Palestine and for those who are murdered, we are here.” According to the right-wing UNI student union, The Poitiers and Reims campuses were also busy on Saturday.

The police intervened in Saint-Étienne

The Sciences Po Lyon campus in Saint-Étienne was also blocked this morning. But DAfter Elliott RoigIEP student, police were on the scene shortly after 10:30 a.m. “Support for students mobilized at the Saint Étienne campus. They are currently being pushed out by FDO (editor’s note: law enforcement), such as at the Sorbonne and Sciences Po Paris.he hinted young man on. According to newspaper information Progress Around thirty students involved were evacuated peacefully at the end of the morning.

Numerous calls for mobilization

On the same social network, left-wing student unions welcome the blocking “Students are mobilizing for peace and an immediate and permanent ceasefire”has this is how Student tweeted, an organization close to France Insoumise. Following the police intervention outside Sciences Po Paris last Friday, Unef called on young people to seize study places in all forms it considers legitimate. The Palestine inter Sciences po committee, which intends to represent the IEP in this fight, spoke on Instagram on April 26. He’s calling “All universities in France to mobilize to condemn the genocide taking place in Gaza.”

More seizures could begin this week. This Tuesday, April 30, at 17:00, at the request of several associations, a rally is organized in the courtyard of the IEP in Toulouse. While the Girondin committee “Sciences Palestine” calls on unions and students to gather at the IEP in Bordeaux at 6 p.m. “excerpt workshop followed by action.”

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