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We know that DIY, recycling or repurposing allows you to create personalized decorations while taking care of the planet. Also a source of satisfaction, embarking on a DIY adventure is sometimes synonymous with saving money. But not always. The enthusiasm of some for this activity drives them to overstep their limits, and especially the latter, the young rascals in this matter that we are. We can quickly blow our budget to equip ourselves with tools and materials that we immediately put away in the closet. Therefore, going back to the basics can be a lifesaver for anyone who wants to start. If it is already possible to apply your talent by disguising the inner box thanks to a simple IKEA hack, you can also change your interior with the snap of your fingers. With a single need, accessories discovered, as often, from the Swedish giant. With it, every smooth wall takes on a festive touch.

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How to easily make moldings at home?

For some time now, Haussmann moldings have been one of the obsessions of social media. Methods of all kinds, so that our feeds are teeming with them. Armed with wooden blocks, a level, or even a saw, tutorial enthusiasts film themselves doing this boring project. If the result makes us dream, the technology and the necessary equipment push us to give it up. But that was before. Before you come across this ultra simple tip on the Instagram account @renovationsx. You will need very little for this. But the most important thing is to get a frame from IKEA, namely the EDSBRUK model. The basis of our interiors. Equipped with this sesame, it remains only to partially bone. We ignore the window and the back, which will have to find a new function. Stripped of its attributes, hollowed out, it becomes a ready-to-use molding that simply needs to be fixed with glue or small nails in the desired place. All that remains is to repeat the operation as many times as necessary to create a Haussmann-style base or pressed door.
For neat finishes, it may be helpful to hang the frame identically to the support it will be placed on.

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