Generative artificial intelligence: Lefebvre Sarrut and PwC Tax & Legal Spain join forces

Lefebvre SarrutA leading French legal and tax publisher, which describes itself as a pioneer of generative artificial intelligence in the industry, has signed a “strategic” partnership with PwC Tax & Legal Spain. Thus, a personalized version of PwC’s “Harvey” AI platform has access to the publisher’s legal and tax content.

The new platform, which will be implemented in the coming months, will be accessible to legal and tax advisory firms as well as businesses via license agreements.

1000 Spanish professionals will use the platform

Moreover, by the end of 2024, more than half 1000 professionals Spanish from PwC will use this platform to support the provision of their legal and tax advisory services. This strategic alliance “will facilitate the integration of one of the most powerful generative AI tools in the legal world with the most extensive documentary information base in the Spanish market“.

Our leading position in this area is not accidental: as a company focused onAI, Lefebvre Sarrut offers unique content combined with exceptional knowledge retrieval technology. This allows us to offer services such asHAVE Accesswhich is part of our group’s solution portfolio”, emphasizes Olivier Campenon, chairman of the board of Lefebvre Sarrut.

For Joaquin Latorrepartner responsible for PwC Tax & LegalGenerative AI is unlocking unprecedented possibilities and is already changing the way our professionals and clients work. And to add: “Over the past few months, we have been conducting internal testing and analyzing support cases for our daily work. Now we go further: this deal revolutionizes the Spanish market by combining the AI ​​analysis capabilities of the personalized version of PwC’s Harvey platform with the most comprehensive tax and legal content from Lefebvre, the Spanish subsidiary of Lefebvre Sarrut, as well as knowledge and experience. our lawyers and tax advisors“.

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