GEM: 30 High-Level Student Athletes Compete for the 2024 Olympics!

Less than 100 days until the biggest competition in the world, Grenoble Ecole de Management is proud to announce that more than 30 of its students, high-level athletes, are bidding to represent their country at the next Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris 2024!

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Balancing study and sport: The success of the GEM support programme

This achievement is testament to the determination and dedication of these young athletes as well as the continued support of their school.
GEM student-athletes have a unique opportunity to combine their passion for high-level sports with higher education. Thanks and tailored support programthey benefit from educational and logistical support that allows them to continue their studies while preparing for the most prestigious sporting event in the world.

In fact, for over 15 years GEM has positioned itself as a leader in supporting high-level athletes, by offering them specific accommodation and flexibility tailored to their school schedule. These thirty student-athletes will perform and succeed in both higher education and sports.

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GEM: From the classroom to the Olympic podiums

“Courses delivered completely remotely, combined with customized teaching methods and flexible training methods, are designed in close cooperation with the athletes’ sports structures (club, federation, team, staff, etc.). Our top athletes thus benefit from a stimulating and excellent environment. Personalized support helps them achieve their academic goals while enjoying their sporting career to the fullest. » underlines Agnès Angelier, head of the Institute of Sport and Management.

To help them fulfill their dual project: sport/study, training courses are tailored in terms of length and methods. The study paths that are offered to them they are accessible from post-baccalaureate to bac+5 and all are confirmed by a diploma recognized by the state.

GEM was the most represented business school during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with 12 high-level athletes, or 23.5% of athletes from the Grandes Écoles, and three medalists on the podium.

Support from GEM

In addition, GEM does not forget the importance professional retraining of elite athletes. Thanks to specialized programs and a network of privileged partners, the school supports its student-athletes at a high level in their transition to a successful professional career after the end of their sports career. Since its inception in 2007, GEM Sport & Management Institute has been committed to offering tailor-made training solutions for elite supports them throughout their sporting career and facilitates successful retraining in areas of excellence, thus being part of a global support approach.

Today, 300 former students have taken advantage of the Institute of Sport and Management’s expertise and moved on to careers in finance, marketing, human resources, communications and even business start-ups. Their teachers unanimously praise their engagement, openness, curiosity and desire to learn. Their qualities such as their rigor, insight into the organization’s image and maturity make them highly sought after company profiles.

“We are especially happy to support these athletes at the Olympics, in the same year that GEM celebrates its 40th anniversary! We are confident that our students’ participation in the Olympic Games will be a source of inspiration for the entire GEM academic community, and we heartily congratulate them on this exceptional challenge.” he declared Fouziya Bouzerda, General Manager of GEM.

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GEM: Athletes present at the 2024 Olympic Games

Athletes will represent GEM in a variety of disciplines including athletics, rowing, basketball, beach volleyball, canoeing, cycling, mountain climbing, handball, judo, swimming, pentathlon, rugby, taekwondo and shooting.


  • Simon Boypa (French athletics team)
  • Sacha Cultru (French athletics team)
  • Victor Corroller (French athletics team)
  • Fabien Palcau (Athletics)
  • Emma Cornelis (French Rowing Team)
  • Violaine Aernoudts (French Rowing Team)
  • Maya Cornut (French Rowing Team)
  • Emma Lunatti (French Rowing Team)
  • Baptiste Savaete (French Rowing Team)
  • Armand Pfister (French Rowing Team)
  • Nicholas Lang (French basketball team)
  • Lézana Placette (French beach volleyball team)
  • Arthur Canet (French beach volleyball team)
  • Calvin Aye (French beach volleyball team)
  • Valentine’s Day Fortin (French cycling team)
  • Cappuccine Viglione (French Mountaineering Team)
  • Coralie Lassource (French handball team)
  • Enzo Tesic (French swimming team)
  • Hugo Fleurot (French pentathlon team)
  • Joachim Troubal (French team – Rugby 7s)
  • Ismaël Bouzid-Souihli (French Taekwondo Team)
  • Dimitri Dutendas (French team Tir)
  • Alexandre Hossein (Djibouti Judo Team)
  • Benjamin Richert (Handball),
  • Mathis Soudi (Team Morocco canoe, kayak)
  • Hugo Suhard (French 3×3 basketball team)
  • Quincy Aye (Absoloventi – French beach volleyball team)
  • Victory of Andrier (Alumni-French Mountaineering Team)
  • Jonathan Laugel (Alumni Team France – Rugby 7s)
  • Vincent Gérard (Alumni of the French handball team)
  • Thibaut Collet (Graduates – pole vault)
  • Laura Tarantola (Alumni – Rowing).

On the way to Paris 2024…

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