Brussels: PEB reform returned to the next government

According to the minister, the revised EPB method should make it possible to better identify “energy grids” that should be renovated as a priority, thanks to the improvement of the quality and consistency of certificates.

PEB, a basic but obscure criterion?

The reform, which was developed in consultation with the industry, focuses in particular on certificates closer to actual consumption. By relaxing certain default values, which experience has shown to be too penalizing, this reform should reduce the gap between the theoretical consumption shown on the PEB certificate and the actual consumption of buildings in the capital. The PEB certificate model is also intended to be more legible.

Towards PEB experts

To strengthen the quality of PEB professionals, the reform combines the professions of PEB consultant and PEB certifier into one profession of PEB expert. Basic training is reviewed and reinforced with mandatory ongoing training.

The calculation method is uniform and will support decarbonization (connection to the heating network, electrification and use of renewable energy sources such as geothermal energy, aquathermal energy and aerothermal energy). The reform also aims to accelerate the development of solar power generation by introducing progressive requirements for new buildings, major renovations and existing public buildings.

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