6 things to understand about employment law

Recommended measures in case of disputes at work

Disputes may arise between you and your employer in the performance of your duties. In this scenario, you have several options. Above all, it is important that to attempt an amicable settlement to resolve the dispute. If this option proves ineffective, you can try a conventional mediation. This is an approach where you come to an agreement with the employer through an intermediary.

You can also try participatory proceedings to resolve the dispute with the employer. For this process, it is necessary that he be assisted by a lawyer specializing in labor law. He then defends you in a dispute that confronts you with your employer. Ultimately, your dispute can be resolved through a transaction. This is a written contract signed by both parties.

Ideally, you will be accompanied by a lawyer when drawing up and verifying this contract, called a transaction protocol. Later, decide to approve the agreement with the industrial tribunal (CPH). You should also use the same advice if you cannot find common ground with your employer.

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