5 reasons to choose a specialized business school: between passion, excellence and future career

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Here comes EHL Hospitality Business School, founded as École hôtelière de Lausanne in 1893: The gateway to the career of your dreams. Whether in hospitality, but also in luxury, finance, services, management or business. Here are five compelling reasons to choose this hospitality management school:

1. Develop soft skills to differentiate yourself in the job market

Putting people at the center of business is a core philosophy of the future that complements the various innovations and artificial intelligence we talk about so much. A bachelor’s in hotel management trains managers who not only understand numbers, but demonstrate empathy, self-confidence and resilience. Through a large number of activities and human interactions, students acquire basic skills (soft skills) to excel in the labor market. Imagine being able to communicate easily, collaborate seamlessly, motivate and inspire entire teams. Solve complex problems with agility, analyze situations with finesse, and critically evaluate every aspect of your professional environment. So many talents were developed during this bachelor’s degree. In a world where artificial intelligence is emerging as an inevitable force, EHL firmly believes that human relationships are more important than ever. This is where the real difference lies in finding a job or internship. The natural leadership that students develop during their studies is an undeniable advantage for their future careers.

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2. Gain practical experience in securing a job after graduation

EHL strongly believes in action learning. Students don’t just learn in the classroom; they are immersed in a professional environment where every interaction counts. Thanks to two six-month internships, final year consulting projects and practical workshops, students build their future from the first minutes at university. EHL Hospitality Business School also allows you to flourish outside the classroom. Students can join student associations run as businesses (see advice below), become Student Ambassadors to participate in school life, or join the EHL Alliance, which allows them to become Student Ambassadors for EHL partners such as LVMH , Chopard, Laurent-Perrier, Four Seasons, Swiss, Accord, Hyatt. A guarantee of immersive immersion in the professional world.

Advice from an EHL student: Joining community committees/clubs at school is a perfect way to network! You interact with people you may not have met during your years of study who share the same passions and interests as you. It is an opportunity to build together and build relationships for the future.

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3. Join an international network of over 30,000 alumni

Being prepared for the world of work is often not enough to build your dream career. It is not unusual that the best opportunities often arise through a privileged contact. Business schools are known for their easy access to the net. When you join EHL, you’re not just joining a hospitality school, you’re joining a global family of over 25,000 alumni worldwide. This network opens doors and offers you unique opportunities. More than 300 events are held annually on 5 continents. Spending these 4 years of bachelor’s together building projects, learning, fighting for the timely submission of the most important project of the year creates a connection so strong that even 10, 20, 30 years after the graduation ceremony, the old ones (called Alumni) always find a moment to meet and exchange anecdotes and especially a business card. EHL graduates are present in many industries, not just hospitality, as shown in the diagram below:

EHL Hospitality Business School

4. Immerse yourself in the ever-present cultural diversity

Unlike a traditional business school, diversity and multicultural aspects are at the heart of the EHL community. EHL has over 125 different nationalities on campus and the opportunity to explore the world to better understand the different aspects of each person. Our students learn about each other and interact with people from different backgrounds, preparing them to succeed in a globalized and diverse world. Stéphanie Pougnet, associate dean of the Bachelor of Hotel Management at EHL, illustrates: “It is not unusual for the accompanying professor to start the working group in English, discuss in French and continue in Spanish and end in German. !”

Working with people from different backgrounds brings new perspectives and ideas, which encourages innovation, creativity, but also a very open mind. Basic values ​​for undergraduate students.

5. Discover academic excellence and be supported to succeed

Academic excellence is non-negotiable. With professors from industry, an integrated research center and a department dedicated exclusively to student experience and student well-being, EHL offers an environment conducive to success. The rigorous curriculum combines the traditions of the hospitality industry with the latest trends and innovations, ensuring you have a world-class degree recognized by employers. This is evidenced by the QS Subject Ranking, which names EHL Hospitality Business School as the best school in the world for the 6th consecutive year in 2024. A definite value for employers!

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6. Prepare for a challenging and rewarding career

With a bachelor’s degree in hospitality from EHL, you’ll prepare to take on a stimulating and rewarding career in the business world. Join a dynamic community of future leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs and be inspired by the excellence of École Hôtelière de Lausanne.


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