In medicine, students demand the removal of the Pass/Las reform

La Fage condemns the Pass-Lass reform. According to Flore Greze, vice-president of the first student union in France, this revision of the curriculum, “didn’t answer” to your goals. Based on this observation, the union and several health student federations called for a return to a uniform curriculum at a press conference.

The reform ended “pace”, the first year of medicine was worried about the intensity of its demands, the crowdedness and the very high selectivity. Instead a dual system, based on PASS (specific access pathway to health) close to the old Paces and LAS, (license “health access”), another admission route with a non-health major (economics, history, law, etc.) and a health minor. The aim was mainly to diversify student profiles, wider recruitment into the humanities and less favoring of higher socio-professional categories.

LAS students are less successful

But according to the results of a study conducted by Fage among 13,000 first-year PASS and LAS students, 43% of them “Feel intense stress several times a day”42% “want to quit within a year” and 36% “feeling isolated”. More than a third of students condemn the lack of communication between medical faculties and other faculties.

“In too many universities, reform seems to have been imposed on non-medical UFRs (faculties) who still fail to understand the issues”, indicates Fage. In addition, LAS-trained students have to work harder in their second year of health: 43% of second-year students feel a difference in level between those coming from PASS and those coming from LAS.

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