“I’m managing badly”: ex-host Patrice Laffont opens up about his financial situation

Patrice Laffont, a figure on France Télévisions in the 80s and 90s, has always earned very well. But a guest on C8 on Saturday 27th April, the former host revealed his management woes and is now out on a limb.

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– Patrice Laffont reveals that he doesn’t know how to manage his money.

At 84, Patrice Laffont is a well-known figure to the French. Fort Boyard, Pyramid, Numbers and letters or Telethonthe host and producer has always been successful and we still see him in the theater. Enough to make him a rich man? Yes, but today it seems he doesn’t have much left. This was said by the presenter on Saturday, April 27 on C8 in the documentary series “Télé, ton merciless universe”. The show, where prominent personalities of the audiovisual landscape talk about their beginnings, failures, successes or meetings, specifies Television for leisure time.

Alongside Séverine Ferrer and Laurent Boyer, Patrice Laffont confided that he had always “made a very good living”, adding: “Do not complain.” But he confided that he always did “A special relationship with money. Which means I’m shit. I’m bad at it.” He reportedAND “big mistake” during his career, quite recently actually. It was about the show A fair euro. While Pyramid it worked very well, he agreed in late 2001, early 2002 to introduce it. “It’s the only time the lure of profit made me react”admitted to C8.

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“I got nothing, nothing, nothing”

The problem: the show turns into a fiasco and ends after barely a month. France 2 will remove the program from the air and replace it with a new version Pyramid despite having several taped shows left to air. “I filled my little pockets for three weeks, but then I found I had nothing», admitted Patrice Laffont. But beyond the managerial side to review, the 84-year-old host compared himself to a cicada, a reference to La Fontaine’s fable: “I spent the money happily, I didn’t save anything, and now I regret it.”

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So much so that it seems dry today: “In my old age I have nothing, nothing, nothing. Neither a house nor an apartment. Basically, the only equity I have is my car, and it’s old anyway.” On the other hand, there is no question of complaining he always made good money : “I haven’t worked much and I’m not a hard worker. It went like a long, calm river, and that’s good.” However, in 2021, before Jordan de Luxe, the host complained about his pension in the amount of 3500 euros monthlydescribed as “small pension”. Added by: “The day I stop working, when the theater is gone, I’m going to be in a bit of trouble.”

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