How to predict the composition of your contribution to the purchase of real estate?

When it comes to saving, there are great classics that everyone knows. THE brochure, very popular in France, offers reward rate 3% until January 2025. You can deposit up to €22,950 there. The real plus? The release of funds is not restricted in any way. Enough to manage your savings without stress.

THE brochure of sustainable and solidary development (LDDS) is similar to Livret A (payment rate), but is capped at €12,000. Idea? Funding of social and solidarity economy companies for responsible investments.

Your bank may have suggested you open a Housing Savings Plan (PEL)? Specially designed for the purchase of real estate, its interest rate varies depending on the opening date. In 1ahem January 2024, it does 2.25% . Advantage? Favorable conditions when taking out a loan for real estate. On the other hand, payments need to be carefully planned and early withdrawals are not without consequences.

If you are a young first-time property owner or on a modest income, consider savings solutions specific to your situation, such as A book for young peopleWhere Popular savings account. You will benefit from better pay rates.

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