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Sarah Poniatowski, founder of the interior architecture studio Maison Sarah Lavoine and the brand of the same name, distills through her projects and creations, her values ​​and her unique design vision: she dares to express and mix colors, lines and materials. She imagines warm and contemporary spaces that resemble her. Today he gives us his tips and his expert view on color.

1/ How to use color to brighten up a room or, on the contrary, make it cozier?

Portraits by Sarah Poniatowski © Sarah Famiand

According to Sarah, there are no standards for color. Palettes of cream, white, beige and yellow are sure to brighten up a room, as opposed to dark green or Chinese blue, which add depth to the space. But for Sarah, these conventions must be overcome. His advice? The combination of pink with red, the use of black, the juxtaposition of turquoise with burgundy… So many combinations that aim to bring real life to spaces. Coloring the interiors gives them a personality that is not forgotten, he says.

2/ What tips should you know for choosing colors?

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For an interior designer, you have to trust the atmosphere you want to create. “It’s primarily a very personal matter,” he emphasizes. “PUSH Bathroom, for example, is generally a place of relaxation where you want to feel good. We often think of white, but soft pink or even yellow inserts can look great. As the space remains dedicated to skin and body care, we will always prefer to avoid green, which makes you look bad.”

© Francis Amiand

PUSH bedroom, a haven for body and mind, is meant to be an enveloping cocoon. Sarah therefore recommends focusing on less stimulating, more relaxing colours, particularly by stepping away from bright colors like cherry red and dressing your space in pink, green or blue instead. For living room? It’s carte blanche! The interior designer also challenges us to give free rein to our ideas.

In the living room, we dare to mix bright colors and eccentric patterns to create a lively and completely unique interior. © Francis Amiand

3/ Should we focus on full or small touches?

“It all depends on the desired effect,” he explains. “Personally, I really like to paint the whole room, including the ceiling, in the same color to create a special atmosphere. But a room with its color combination can be just as daring. Turquoise and burgundy are great examples.”

Good idea? Integrate bold colors with small touches to create an interior that is soft and full of character. © Francis Amiand

4/ What color would you recommend for small rooms? And for larger spaces?

For this question, Sarah doesn’t have a specific rule for us because it really depends on the atmosphere we’re trying to create. “In small rooms, we would prefer light colors, but even dark shades can create a warm and cozy atmosphere… Think especially of a small cozy boudoir in shades of forest green or deep blue…”, he concludes.

© Francis Amiand

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