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What if we dared to have fun with our couch to end our old beliefs and habits? Proof in 5 inspirations that will make us want to take the sofa off the wall.

The sofa, which is essential in the living room, is one of the elements that set the tone for the decoration. In velvet, small, designer, colorful or not… Your choice can quickly turn into a headache. And if you focus on its appearance, size, comfort and practicality, you can be less careful about its exact location when you get home. If we instinctively avoid placing it near a heat source, preventing circulation and openings, it is certain that it will inevitably end up leaning against the wall. Overall, a classic layout that we think saves us space. Well, not necessarily.
It is therefore time to dare to place this seat far from the wall. But be careful, in order to have the most beautiful effect, it is preferable that the back is as aesthetic as the seat. If this is not the case, it is possible to simply lean a console or work table against it. Practical two in one is beautiful.

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How to place a sofa in the living room?

If, out of habit, convenience, or lack of inspiration, we’re all tempted to stick the couch to the living room wall, it’s time to say stop. Because moving a few centimeters will make little difference. In addition to bringing character to the room, it will structure it and also make it more functional.
In a large space, it allows division without division. We define zones. Placed in the center of the living room, perpendicular to the walls, it allows you to create a dining room in the living room or in the office. Move the seat away from the wall and you get a tall bookcase that itself invites without encroaching on the space.
To gain brightness and take advantage of natural light, it can be placed next to a bay window.
Finally, for an architectural look and a slightly retro layout, we imagine levels in the room that force us to go down a flight of stairs or two to get to the reception area. So it is in this lowered part that we will nestle our sofa.

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