At the Sorbonne, pro-Palestinian mobilization is blocking classes and exams

After the mobilizations that rocked Sciences Po Paris last week, it is the Sorbonne’s turn to be blocked by pro-Palestinian students. The prestigious University of Paris has announced that courses and exams held this Monday, April 29, will be canceled following a blockade organized by several dozen students.

The latter occupied the historic site of Paris-I, Place de la Sorbonne in the 5th arrondissement, from the beginning of the day. Tents and banners in favor of the Palestinian cause were placed in the courtyard of the building. The mobilization also takes place in front of the university. “No more entry possible” in the buildings since around noon, a statement from Paris 1-Panthéon Sorbonne University told AFP, saying “The Sorbonne will be closed this afternoon by decision of the Rectorate”.

Auditoriums were evacuated

In the Place de la Sorbonne, about twenty students sat on the ground, waving their hands covered in red and watching Figaro. A controversial symbol evoking simple support for the Palestinians for some, but mainly referring to the massacre of 2 Israelis by the population of Ramallah on October 12, 2000. “We are all children of Gaza”, “Israeli murderer, accomplice of Macron” or “Ceasefire”sang around 150 students gathered around them in the presence of LFI representative Louis Boyard. “We are in front of a support rally, come support the students, the Sorbonne must not be evacuated”insisted the chosen one in a video posted on X.

According to the Paris Rectorate, around thirty activists gathered at the Sorbonne, where nine tents were set up in the courtyard and three in the hall, and a Palestinian flag was placed on the ground. “Auditoriums were evacuated around noon and exams canceled”We delivered. “We are here at the request of Harvard and Columbia students”Lorélia Fréjo, a Paris-1 student and activist of the student organization Le Poing Levé, told AFP. “Following the events at Sciences Po, we’re here to ensure it continues”. Friday, a day of blockade and mobilization punctuated by tension, took place at Sciences Po Paris in the presence of several LFI representatives.

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