Are we living in a simulation? For this researcher, yes, and he proves it

The idea isn’t new – the theme crops up regularly in philosophy, or more generally in culture, with movies like The Matrix to name but a few. The subject is complex in that it is practically impossible to scientifically prove or disprove it. About as much as proving the existence or non-existence of a deity or “afterlife”.

However, when it comes to the idea of ​​simulation, it is permissible to create models to explain certain observations – such as the exponential expansion of the universe and the puzzling question of entropy. In other words, this idea that the more the universe expands, the more energy it contains has to spread out, leading to less and less available energy locally.

What if information entropy was the key?

AND finally, which some scientists have theorized as the “heat death of the universe”. Again, this is not a question of certainty, but of a theory that is allowed to be “falsified” or extended as the scientific method requires. And that’s exactly what a certain Melvin Volpson—a researcher known for theorizing the idea of ​​the “second law of infodynamics,” a portmanteau of “The Second Law of Thermodynamics”.

According to the researcher, while the second law of thermodynamics governs how entropy never decreases with time, the law that governs information such as the rotation of particles differs on this point – while the two types of entropy should theoretically match. According to his research, the entropy of information remains constant when it does not drop to a minimum value, which is particularly disturbing.

To avoid this problem, the researcher theorizes the idea of ​​an elusive “fifth state of matter”. Melvin Vopson thinks that the total entropy of the universe must necessarily remain constant. Which is so strange that, according to him, there is only one conclusion: we are living in a simulation. So of course you have to be sensible before you get into trouble.

Independent research is required to verify any of Melvin Volpson’s claims. However, the researcher’s angle seems particularly smart to explore this question – and even others that are more abstractly connected to this type of research, especially the behavior of particles at the quantum level.

  • A researcher interested in entropy explains in his latest publication that he thinks he has proof that we are living in a simulation.
  • His very interesting consideration points to the strange behavior of entropy in the universe, depending on whether we are talking about energy or information.
  • Apart from the elusive 5th state of matter needed to reconcile this reality, he believes that the total entropy of the universe remains strangely constant, evidence that something is wrong with the reality we live in.

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